Going Digital for Workplace Mindfulness


Workplace stress is costing companies millions of dollars each year.  To combat this cost, many companies have implemented mindfulness programs.  A number of digital solutions exist that support workplace mindfulness, and, can offer many benefits to your employees.  

Today, employees feel the pressure of stress at work more than ever.  Our “always on” culture pressures an employee to always be connected, always available.  In addition, a recent Harvard Business Review article cites four main factors that contribute to workplace stress: workload pressure, lack or managerial support, tight deadlines, and having or taking on too much responsibility.  With this stress comes an enormous price tag – approximately $300B per year in absenteeism, medical costs, and low productivity.

One way that employers have sought to combat this problem is by implementing meditation or mindfulness programs for their employees.  In fact, 22% of American companies now offer mindfulness training.  Companies that include Apple, Google, and Target have each implemented their own programs.  Google documented their approach to workplace mindfulness in the book and associated corporate program; Search Inside Yourself.

By offering meditation classes, napping pods, or massage therapy, a focus on mindfulness can seek to manage an employee’s stress and anxiety.  As a result, employers hope to improve productivity and performance, while lowering the company’s overall healthcare cost and rate of absenteeism.

Digital Mindfulness

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There are now digital solutions that can help support mindfulness programs. The meditation platform Whil offers to add “digital mindfulness” to your workforce. Whil’s online and mobile-based solution provides employees with 24×7 access to mindfulness, yoga, and leadership sessions.  With Whil, your employees are able to choose their mindfulness goals (Health, Performance, Relationship, or Sleep), or programs (Grow, Thrive, Lead, Move) that they may want to accomplish.  A Dashboard keeps track of how they are doing based on their goals, and provides analytics to determine ROI.

eMindful is another company that provides mindfulness-based wellness programs.  They provide content to help improve overall health and wellness, as well as access to an acclaimed team of instructors by way of online courses.  Members have reported significant impact on their ability to sleep better and a decline in their stress levels.

Benefits of Digital Mindfulness

  • Cost:  A digital solution can cost a fraction of what a traditional meditation approach can cost.  A digital solution like eMindful can cost between 30 cents/employee/month to $1.20/employee/month, depending on the size of the organization.
  • Availability:  Online sessions can be delivered for a group, or, accessed by the employee 24×7.
  • Scaleability:  A digital solution can reach a geographically disperse workforce.
  • Access to broader range of instructors and content:  Digital solutions like Whil or eMindful have developed tons of content, offered by highly accredited instructors.

The benefits of a mindfulness program are clear.  Companies today have digital options available to help them reach a broader employee population, with premium content, all at a lower cost than traditional approaches.

What path to mindfulness will your company take to support a healthy, productive workforce?


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